The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) 1080p

During World War II, a teenage Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her family are forced into hiding in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

IMDB: 7.54 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 
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The Synopsis for The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) 1080p

During World War II, a teenage Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her family are forced into hiding in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

The Director and Players for The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) 1080p

[Role:]Ron Cook
[Role:]Geoff Breton
[Role:]Kate Ashfield

The Reviews for The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) 1080p

Outstanding mini-seriesReviewed byFramescourerVote: 8/10

First-class. Soap-length and almost soap-like, the great strength of this series is it's day-to-day realism. Free of invented sentiment or the sobriety of guilt or hindsight, writer Deborah Moggach and director Jon Jones work something believable and vital out of Anne Frank's eponymous journal. Rather than watch one finds oneself living through the action with its absurd pettiness and meagre (but treasured) consolations, with familiar tensions and thrills in circumstances not only unfamiliar but inconceivable.

The cast are as high-calibre an ensemble as one could imagine. Impossible to identify favourites, I found the women most memorable. Ellie Kendrick is an ideal Anne, conjuring all the highs and lows of a girl forced to experience a compressed adolescence but leaving something terrifyingly real for the inevitable climax. Leslie Sharp and Tamsin Grieg play perigee and apogee of the Jewish hausfrau, pantomime dame and ashen-faced mouse: their Parthian ability to charm or bite can turn the experience of an episode inside out.

Everything about this project seems to have worked - the perfect episode length, carefully-pitched drama of the highest calibre and broadcast at a time when everyone can absorb and, yes, even enjoy it. Highly recommended. 8/10

Very moving adaptation of the Anne Frank story...Reviewed byNeil DoyleVote: 7/10

The cramped existence that the Jewish hideouts were forced to endure during WWII and the Nazi period, is excellently portrayed by a cast of sensitive actors who were fortunate to have a good script to work with.

Ellie Kendrick makes an excellent Anne, bearing a good resemblance to the Jewish girl who loved writing and kept a daily diary of events in the attic where her parents and a some other neighbors were forced to stay. Leslie Sharp and Nicholas Farrell as the Van Daans are particularly moving members of the strong cast.

The gradual maturity of a girl confronting her feelings about boys as she grows up is portrayed in a poignant and tender manner. The story is compelling from the start and increases in intensity as various conflicts among the attic inhabitants arouse hostility and anger.

What might have made the whole drama even more intense would be outdoor scenes outside the confines of the attic showing how the villagers were being treated by the Nazis, but since those incidents would be outside the scope of Anne's diary the drama remains intimate instead with a narrower focus.

Well worth viewing even if you've seen the big screen version made by George Stevens in 1959.

Light hearted and callowReviewed byyabboxVote: 7/10

I downloaded all five episodes to iPlayer. I didn't know any background about the dramatisation but with going by the title alone, and from the BBC, guessed it ought to be worth watching.

I have just watched the first two parts and after the first 30 minutes I decided to do some research. As the official BBC about page ( confirms to me, the show is aimed at a young age group. I feel the show so far has a very educational bent, as if it's one of those old BBC2 educational shows aimed at school children. As the BBC webpage confirms, with links to the war timeline, other resources and how many of the comments are by children, the similar age to Anne.

Although it must have been a breath of fresh air to share such a cramped and hostile apartment with such a lively and outgoing young girl, I feel there is an overly joyous and 'look on the bright side' perspective to the directing. To me it detracts from the importance of the subject and as other reviewers have suggested, turns it almost into a SOAP like format.

The filming is done very well, and the actors play the parts well. It is a good, stock BBC production there. The one downside to the acting is it's just too 'English'; a bit of a put-on Dutch, German accent or more prominence to other languages around them, would've been more realistic for me.

However, my real gripe is the lack of a dark side. All the dialogue is very clear and carefully spoken, both in terms of diction and subject. Perhaps this is just the view from a young girls diary, but I feel the true impact, grittiness and any reality is missing.

I am struggling to continue to watch to be honest. If I hadn't already downloaded the series I think I would've changed channel already. It is lacking in suspense, or rawness. It's all too jolly. So far.

Maybe I'll change my mind as the series progresses, but as I say, if I hadn't already downloaded I certainly wouldn't stay in to catch the next episode.

Another reason I'll continue to watch is because of the other reviews, you're all so impressed with it! Maybe it does become more gripping.

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